Company Profile


Foundation of Arıkazan

Arikazan is founded as a collective company later experienced in manufacturing Coal fired steam boilers, pressured tanks, industrial kitchen appliances and washing machines.


Joint Stock Company Establishment

Adding Monorail and bridge crane production to existing production range, and after fulfilling big contract jobs like Mersin Shiploader cranes project, Arikazan shifted to corporation this year.


Start of Production of 2 Transitional and Liquid Fuel Boilers

Company has gone to a change by studying the leading boiler technology in the world and started production of 2 pass gas and liquid fuel fired boilers with the high demand of natural gas boilers in Turkey.


Company Rise to Production Quantities

With the cooperation of Major Distributor Alarko Co. Arıkazan commenced a new configuration of automation in the factory to achieve mass production quantities. Newly purchased fully automated cnc-work stations and reorganized material flow systems gave the Company rise to production quantities of about 5.000 qty of boilers per year.


Start of Production of Solid Fuel Boilers

By the high demand of solid fuel fired systems received from market, Company re-started to produce fully residential type automated and non-automated solid fuel boilers.


Establishment of Gölbaşı Plant

Company shifted boiler production to the new factory in Golbasi Region. Production capacity rised to 8.000 pcs per year.


Production Started for Riello Company

Cooperation with Italian Giant; Riello was formed. Arikazan started production of 3.000 pieces products for them.


New Partnerships

Biossol from Greece and Biowarme from Denmark has become a serious client for Arıkazan establishing long-term partnership. Arikazan and Biowarme developed their first Pellet Fired Systems in the same year.


Wood Gasifying Products

Wood gasifying products have been added to the product range.


Entrance to Portugal, France, Germany, Greece and Denmark Markets

Full automatic Pellet boilers were added to the product range and lots of products are supplied for France, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Denmark.


Entrance to the Russian Market

Arızakan entranced to the Russian market.


Entrance to Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Belarus Markets with Romstal

Agreement with Romstal opened new export opportunities for Romania, Bulgary, Ukraine and Belarus.


We are at your service with 60 years of experience, technology and quality

Today, production facilities located at Ankara are over 36.000 square meters reaching a capacity of 10.000 units per year and fully satisfying its customers for years.