Quality Policy

The company aims to carry out business by perceiving the requests of our customers exactly, within the foreseen time, quality, environment-friendly, be considered of occupational health & safety conditions, while being profitable, and with unconditional customer satisfaction according to international criteria, valid & up-to-date legislation, specification, and standards.

The purpose of our management system is within the framework of valid law and regulations to identify the hazards related to the environment, occupational health & safety, making necessary risk analyzes for preventing the hazards at its source and minimizing the situations that may endanger the environment, life and property safety, while protecting the environment, preventing pollution, and quality, environment, occupational health & safety management systems by continuously improvement with full participation of employees.

Developing joint ventures with our customers and suppliers, and making these areas constant is our main purpose for our existence.

Arıkazan A.Ş. senior management commits the following actions;

  • Planning and providing all training requirements for attaining consciousness of employees for improving Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety,
  • To ensure that the products within the scope of the relevant directives listed below comply with the regulatory requirements:
    • 2014/68/AB Pressure Equipment Directive
    • 2016/426/AB Gas Appliances Regulation
    • 2006/42/AT Machinery Directive
    • 2014/35/AB Low Voltage Directive
    • 2014/30/AB EMC Directive
  • To ensure compliance with the requirements of the relevant harmonized standards,
  • To be in compliance with European Union Eco-design criterias,
  • Establishing systems for the suitable work environment in the project scope by following the technological developments,
  • Ensuring the selection of quality materials and equipment suitable for human and environmental health,
  • To show best performance in keeping the use of natural resources at an optimum level in any activities and favoring recycling,
  • Overview of these policies by the senior management,

Arıkazan A.Ş. employees; shall achieve wonderwork and sustain success with the spirit of working as a team and their trust, love & respect each other.

Creating and maintaining a healthy, safe & environmentally friendly work culture is responsibility of all the employees, particularly the senior management with ultimate enthusiasm.

Because, “superior quality and success” with continuous improvement and innovation is the fundamental principles of ARIKAZAN A.Ş.