Alizé Series

Pellet Fired Hot Air Stoves

A modern way to enjoy in old style

Who does’nt like to watch the fire? The Alizé series is designed for those who want to experience pellet heating and feel the heat of the flame. Alizé series products are designed for comfortable heating in your house.

Easy access panel on the front, cleaning mechanism which allows for cleaning without opening the Lid, high efficiency aluminum heat fins are some of the features that stand out for high quality.

The Alizé series is equipped with features far superior to those of its competitors. With the integrated fuel tank starting capacity of 38 Lt the fuel loading intervals are maximized.

Alizé Series stoves use ROBAX thermal glasses with special heat resistance for safety purposes. Safety with child lock caps carries the Alizé series to the upper class.

With the easy to use cleaning leverage, the moving grille extends the cleaning period without the need to open the front Lid. The Alizé series of products also consider the cleanliness of your home as much as your pocket.

About Product


  • The advanced central control system provides excellent combustion with the coordination of multiple sensors.
  • The hand actuated cleaning system of the burner is the first time in this product category.
  • The high-quality flue gas fan guarantees the most efficient combustion while eliminating any risk of gas leaka to the ambient.
  • Alizé series utilizes The world-renowned heat-resistant ROBAX® thermal glasses, and a second-level glass protection for children added with  child locks to ensure top-level safety.
  • Alizé series products with their Stylish Design, adds coziness to your living room.
  • Large fuel tank for long-term operation.
  • With the ash pan provided with the product, cleaning is nothing more than dumping ashes to the waste bin.

Alizé Series Features

  • Automatic ignition and pellet feeding system
  • Mechanical Cleaning System,
  • The large integrated fuel tank,
  • User-friendly advanced control panel
  • Unique software with burning algorithm
  • Flame monitoring with photocell sensor
  • Protective outer glass with Child-locks
  • Heat resistant ROBAX® glass
  • Easy Service & Maintenance design
  • Easy installation with standard chimney dimensions

Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

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