Cortena Series

All-In-One Pellet Boilers

“Compact and Convenient Heating Solutions”

The Cortena Series is designed to fit homes with limited space, offering a true plug-and-play solution. These boilers include all the necessary features of a boiler room in a compact unit: a built-in circulation pump, expansion tank, plumbing, modular burner, and an optional plate heat exchanger. This design ensures minimal space occupation in your boiler room.

With a 100-liter fuel tank, the Cortena Series enables prolonged operation times. An integrated auto-cleaning system for the modular burner eliminates the need to open the boiler for cleaning and restarting, enhancing both comfort and efficiency.

Cortena boilers are equipped with top-of-the-line safety measures. Pressure discharge valves prevent damage from unexpected pressure increases in the combustion chamber, while child-locks secure all child-accessible doors. An observation glass allows you to check the operation and interior of the combustion chamber.

Maintenance is made easy with the Cortena Series. The modular burner, a feature often found in larger boilers, can be removed and maintained outside the unit, increasing operation time and reducing maintenance effort.

About Product


  • Modular burner and integrated cleaning mechanism: The company classic automatic cleaning system ensures smooth and easy operation. Prolonged times of uninterrupted burning ensures comfort and efficiency. This feature is the first in this class product.
  • Modulated Air fan: High efficiency draft fan ensures safe operation and the most efficient way of combustion.
  • Increased Safety: The famous ROBAX thermal glasses, twin pressure discharge valves, child lock on lids and fire resistant cable covers ensures top of the line safety.
  • All-in-one System: Cortena comes with a built in Expansion tank, Circulation Pump and all with plumbing ready to start right away. It is a truep lug & play product out of the box.
  • Large Fuel Tank: Cortena features 100 Liters of fuel tank providing maximum period of operation in this capacity segment. The hatch opens to sides or forth and back depending on the user preference. It is a easily adjustable by the user. This is a standard feature in all Cortena products.
  • Easy Cleaning: A spacy ash tray located beneath the burner allows easy extraciotn of ashes. All the ash is accumulated here as a result of the opetriaon of the automated cleaning system. Fire tubes are easily cleaned by th emove of an external lever removing the necessity of opening up the boiler for cleaning.
  • Sanitary Hot water: Cortena is able to provide sanitary hot water with the addition of a plate heat exchanger to the boiler. This is an optional itema and must be selected during the order phase.
  • Fresh air intake: For the Products which are not installed in an adequately vent-ilated environment, Cortena utilizes an extended fresh air intake which allows user to connect a hose and extend it to the more air available zone.

Technical Specifications

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