E-Dragon Series

Pellet Fired Mobile Heating Platforms

Unleashing Mobility and Heating Power

Introducing the Dragon Series, a new generation of boilers redefining mobility and heating capabilities. Designed with an innovative mobile platform, these boilers offer unparalleled versatility. Equipped with an independent closed water system, complete with a circulation pump, expansion tank, automated air discharge valve, and optional heatmeter, the Dragon Series is engineered to efficiently heat large volumes of spaces.

Specifically crafted with mobility in mind, the Dragon Series can be effortlessly relocated to wherever heating is needed. With just the push of a button, it springs into action, providing immediate warmth and comfort. For added convenience, remote control is made possible with the optional GSM module attachment, allowing users to regulate heating settings from a distance.

Experience the freedom of mobility and powerful heating capabilities with the Dragon Series—an innovation poised to revolutionize the way we heat our spaces.

About Product

Superior Features of the E-Dragon Series

  • High Capacity Blowers: Dragon series are equipped with High capacity blowers with movable joints which allow their direction to be set easily.
  • Expansion Tank: Built in Expansion tanks increase the stability of flow as well as adds safety. There is no need to connect Dragon to any external equipments.
  • Turnable Joints: A brilliant design allows the blower heads to be turned with an ease of a push. The pipes are placed inside this joint to prevent cluttering pipes in the external structure.
  • Sturdy Construction: A Reliable and Sturdy Construction ensures the long life of the unit.
  • Perfect Positioning: Dragon series are all assembled in factory with all the units placed and fixed on the platform. They are delivered ready to work on site.
  • Flexibility: Special Flex pipes are used in connection of blowers to allow easy turning of the heads.
  • Quality Ancillaries: All equipments and ancillaries used are in compliance with the highest starndards.
  • Measurement is easy: An optional Heatmeter could be used to track the heating provided in time


Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

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