L-Dragon Series

Mobile Heating Platforms (WOOD)

“Portable economical wood burning Heater Platforms”

New Generation Ventum gasification boilers are now on a portable platform. These highly efficient products can be transported through a forklift, can provide hot air at very high efficiency with gasification technology. With closed system installation, pump and closed expansion tank, while mobility is being carried to the highest levels, performance on emissions is preserved and environmentalist features are not compromised. Dragon series platforms, which can work independently from external factors except electricity, are ideal products for storage, plant-house  and similar large areas.

About Product


  • High Capacity Apparatus: Dragon series  platforms are equipped with 2  apparatus on high capacity which can turn in all directions.
  • Expansion Tank: Dragon series platforms have their own closed expansion units and they do not need to be connected to any external unit.
  • Resistand Construction: Dragon platforms are manufactured with the highest quality materials to challenge for many years
  • Perfect Placement: All the equipment is fixed on the platform with the most perfect placement in the factory and is packed in it.Ready to go to Customer.
  •  Flex Hoses: Apparatus are equipped with  Flex Hoses . This provides both easy operation and easy maintenance.
  • Quality İnstallation: All equipments are selected from the most suitable models in accordance with the standards and capacity.
  • Calorimeter: With the optional calorimeter you can see how much heat you produce.

Ideal Uses Areas

The Dragon series boilers have been designed with the ability to be fully portable.
Dragon platforms perform well in large areas with temporary and fast heating needs.

  •  Closed areas for agriculture
  • Exhibitions and conferences
  • Fabrics & Industrial Areas
  • Open areas of production and repair
  • Semi-open area construction sites,
  • Garages, Hangars and Storages
  • Swimming pools,Festival areas
  • Granary
  • Shelders

Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

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