OGD Series

Dual Fuel Gasification Boilers

The new OGD series has been developed as an efficient and economical dual fuel system for wood logs and wood pellet users.

Large heat absorbing surfaces, extended hot gas passages and pre-heated air intake ensures OGD series boilers as one of the most efficient products out in market.

Unlike many boilers in the market, OGD series features vertical heat exchanger tubes just before flue gas outlet, further increasing gains of energy before it was exhausted. OGD series ensures maximum efficiency in both fuel mods.

Smart design of OGD, allows burner to be easily be removed, serviced and cleaned.

All OGD series are equipped with emergency flush system which activates when loss of electric power or circulation pump malfunction or similar situations to be able to instantly cool down of the system.

About Product

Benefits of an OGD series Dual Fuel gasification boiler:

  • Economical and comfortable heating
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Auto-switch to pellet when wood fire is out,
  • Durable structure offers long service life
  • Emergency Cooling System
  • Electronic air supply regulation
  • Automatic ignition for Pellet Burner
  • Automatic adjustment of pellet dosage
  • Automatic cleaning of burner unit,
  • User friendly control system with digital display
  • Software regulated combustion for optimum performance

Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

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