Stella Serisi

Standalone Pellet Burners

“Great Benefit For Existing Systems!”

Turkey’s first mass produced standalone pellet burners, Stella series burners are efficient, enduring and adaptable products for every environment. Especially designed for the customers who want to switch fuel type for a more environment friendly and economical solution.

About Product


  • New Compact Design: Stella burners are equipped by a strong casing to withstand every environment.
  • Advanced Control Panel: All Stella products are equipped by advanced control panels in order to provide maximum fuel efficiency. Software is specifically tailored for Stella.
  • Forced Air Fan: Stella has a specifically designed, integrated air fan providing the air flow it needs to operate.
  • Efficient Burning: Stella has a patented, self-cleaning grill design which is already in use with our other pellet burning boilers.

Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

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