TAIGA Series

Wood Pellet Fired Boilers

“Multidirectional Control System”

TAIGA series systems are designed as a flexible and easy to install product thanks to it’s compact structure. It can easily access through most narrow gates, can fit into the smaller basements. Such a qualified pellet boiler had never been this pocket friendly.

About Product


  • Backburn Control: Fire backburn is prevented by keeping the Burner feed way always empty and within constant negative pressure. A high temprature limit switch ensures safety.
  • Advanced control system: An advanced central control system regulates the system constantly with the data provided by sensors.
  • Compact Burner Unit: A lightweight and easily dismountable burner unit provides service friendly maintenance as well as accessibility when needed.
  • Adaptive Air feed: A High capacity induced draft fan allows precise regulation of boiler capacity.
  • Automated Burner Cleaning System: A simple yet effective cleaning system clears the burner grate periodically.,
  • Tube Cleaning System: Manual handle allows turbulators to move Up and down and cleaning of smoke tubes.
  • Digital Control Panel: A reliable software is driven  by a a language free interface provides strict control of the system.
  • Pellet Silo Variations: Detachable Silos are various in size and can be placed in both sides of the boiler unit

The thing which make TAIGA boiler special is it’s dimensions.

Dimensions of these new generation boilers were reduced by 30% comparing to it’s predecessors without conceding efficiency and capacity.

When the dimensions reduce, prices reduce as well.

Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

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