Tanis Series

Fire Effect Back Boiler Pellet Stoves

Flames to Warm the Heart and Heat the Home

The Tanis Series Hydro pellet stoves are crafted for those who cherish the warmth of a real fire. With its full glass cover feature, this series not only provides exceptional heating but also adds a touch of elegance, making it a premium product in the market.

This water jacketed boiler provides full comfort without compromising nature, the environment, or your pocket. Featuring precision-built heat exchanger tubes, ROBAX® thermal resistant glass, and ergonomic design, the Tanis Series excels in efficiency, health, safety, and economy.

Each Tanis Series stove includes a built-in expansion tank, circulation pump, fuel storage, complete plumbing assembly, and a digital display. These stoves are designed for easy installation, cleaning, and operation.

Experience the ultimate combination of luxury and functionality with the Tanis Series—a premium heating solution that warms your home and captivates your senses.”

About Product


  • Advanced Control System: An advanced central control system regulates the system constantly with the data provided by sensors.
  • Built In Burner With Cleaning: A Simple combustion chamber with easy cleaning mechanism is a feature not available in similar products.
  • Adaptive Air feed: A high capacity induced draft fan allows precise regulation of system capacity and attain good efficiency.
  • Extra Safety: Child lock on the doors, Pressure discharge valves and high temperature resistant ROBAX glass with a second protection glass on the front door ensures safety.
  • Complete System: A complete system with Expansion tank, circulation pump, fuel tank and plumbing. Ready to work out of the box.
  • Sleek Design: A very good looking appearance suits in your house.
  • Good Endurance: 70 Lt of fuel storage would last for long operational hours.
  • Easy Cleaning: You will less frequently open it for cleaning. And when you do, it is easy as removing an ash tray.

Highlights on the Features of Lesta Pellet Stoves:

  • Full Automatic ignition and Auto pellet dosage,
  • Mechanical cleaning of burner grates,
  • Large internal fuel storage,
  • User friendly control system with digital display,
  • Unique Software for regulation of combustion,
  • Combustion control via photocells and pressure sensors,
  • Child Lock,
  • Thermal resistant ROBAX® glass,
  • Protective second Layer aesthetic glass,
  • Pressure discharge valves for extra safety,
  • Service friendly design,
  • Flexible and Easy installation.
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Technical Specifications

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