Ventum Series

Next Generation Gasification Boilers

You’d be amazed by its performace.

The new generation Ventum series has been developed as a very quiet, efficient and economical system for wood log users. Large combustion chamber enables a volume of fuel loaded which will last up to 7 hours of heating.

Large heat absorbing surfaces, extended hot gas passages and pre-heated intake air ensures OG series boilers are one of the most efficient products out in market.

With smart design processes, access-friendly spaces allow easy and quick cleaning when required.

About Product


  • Independantly adjustable primary and secondary combustion air.
  • Functional and User Friendly Control Panel.
  • Modulating induced draft fan.
  • Vertical heat exchanger tubes with turbulators.
  • Easy cleaning without removing any plate,
  • Newly designed Refractory Concrete parts are:
    • Smaller and Lighter for easy servicing,
    • Modular for easy replacement of the damaged parts,
  • By-Pass duct is larger than ever. A mechanical switch senses the door is open and orders the fan to work in full capacity.
  • Ellipsoid form of the combustion chamber allows more fuel to be loaded.
  • Boiler basement design allows both Forklift and pallet truck opereations with ease.
  • Long service life with robust structure.
  • Interior negative pressure ensures safety.
  • Interchangeable emergency heat discharge system”.
  •  Dual purpose Anti-Tarring Plates:
    •  Prevents and Delays Condensation in the boiler
    • Increases efficiency by acting as a pre-heating intake air duct
  • Large ash tray eases the cleaning work.

Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

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