ACK 2 Series

Two Pass Low Temperature Hot Water Boilers

Definition of Reliability and Economy

ACK2 series have proven its reliability for years of service in numerous countries worldwide. It has constantly been improved with years of experience and feedbacks from the field, making 100% trouble free, “install and forget” type of product.

Its high flexibility enables to use it with either natural gas or oil burners. You will be impressed with the high endurance of the product, even worst conditions of working enviroments.

About Product


Entire production, designs and materials comply with both European and National standards.

All production is handled by latest automation techniques as all materials are cut in full CNC Plasma cutting, and fire tubes, inlet outlets are punched in CNC Punching, all weldings are performed by NC welding robots to ensure leak free product.


High norm efficiency up to% 96 (CE verified) is obtained by use of large volume combustion chamber design maximizing heat transfer surfaces. Boiler gas & water side resistances, stand by time losses are minimized and European Nox norms are achieved by CAD design processes. -MORE-


Flue gas temperatures has been lowered to 175 – 185 C and 95% - 96% efficiency values are attained based on DIN 4207-8 norms, providing 3% more efficiency values, when compared to EN minimum efficiency norms which allows boiler to be qualified to bear international “**-two stars energy & performance” mark.


No hazardous materials for environment and used in our products nor in the production processes. We ensure our environment friendly policy not only controlling our processes but also for all our suppliers by demanding them to provide necessary certificates for their products. -MORE-


Large combustion chamber allows complete burning of fuel along with low flame temperatures by use of optimal heat transfer surfaces. Burner compatibility in compliance with the norms, allows hazardous gasses such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide to be kept below European norms. These values are all tested in EU confirmed labs and have obtained the right to be used in all environment sensitive European countries.


All Certified materials, balanced and reliable design on heat expansion points, certified automated welding methods, Design & production in European norms and approved automatic resource management methods offers longer service times then ever.


Thanks to our versatile design, special high pressure and long ballast burners are not required. High efficiency is attained with stable, smooth and silent combustion by all burners that comply with EN676 and EN267.


Boiler cover jackets are protected against corrosion and external factors by 3 features:

  1. Hot dipped Galvanized (GALVATITE®) steel material.
  2. Protective double layer special organic undercoat plating.
  3. Special organic paint in front, with top layer protective and aesthetic plating. (COLORCOAT®)

Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

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