Hybrid Heating Systems

BOLTERO – Hybrid Heating Systems

Give winter a warm welcome. The Boltero Hybrid system is a result of 50 years of experience and sector knowledge.

Boltero has a pellet unit and a heat pump unit. Pellet heating units are to be used mostly during cold winter days. Hence the low maintenance need. Heat pump unit will be utilized during mild seasons like Spring and Fall. So the wear and tear on both systems will be less, providing comfort and economy at the same time!

Both the heat pump and pellet boiler work in perfect harmony. Moreover, Boltero systems come with DHW Tanks(optional with instant heat water), motorized valves and all plumbing elements included in the package. Hot water is the strongest aspect of Boltero systems! it can even provide continuous hot water if need be.

Boltero Hybrid systems are made up of 2 unique systems and you can decide which one to operate, mutually or exclusively. Select the fuel you would like to use (pellet, electric or both) as you will or you can simply let the system to self-operate in the most effective way.

About Product


  • Automatic ignition system
  • Automatic burner cleaning
  • Automatic ash discharge system (optional)
  • Automatic adjustment of fuel flow with automatic fuel-air ratio adjustment
  • Easy access to burner and ash box
  • Easy mounting for narrow spaces with integrated fuel tank
  • Flexible installation, convenient use with closed expansion tank
  • Automatic or manual heat source switch between heat pump and pellet combustion via outside weather temperature
  • Remote control with internet connection (Optimal)
  • User-friendly touch panel display
  • Proper value combustion performance with superior control software by PID Control
  • Easy Service & Maintenance


Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

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