Caria Series

Heavy Duty Pellet fired Boilers

We had only one thing in our mind designing Caria series products:

“Minimum User Intervention”

Caria series boiler features vertical tubes and has the option of motorised self-cleaning equipment. Well designed turbulators in tubes helps Caria to achive 95% efficiency values.

Reliable structure of Caria is consolidated by endurant “boiler steel” and guarantess you a service life of many years.

In contrast to other wood pellet fired boilers, the cleaning requirements for Caria boilers have been significantly reduced. In principle there can be several weeks between cleaning and emptying the ash drawer thanks to its built in self cleaning, self triggered device inside the fire tubes. An optional ash collecting system beneath the boiler further improves the ease of cleaning thus contributing to comfort significantly.

About Product

Caria Series Pellet Burner

The new Caria series pellet burner has been developed as a very quiet, self cleaning burner system. The burner comes with sophisticated logical control unit which helps promote an optimal combustion process.

This increases efficiency while also minimising flue gas emmissions. The Caria burner comes with an auto-ignition equipment that ignites the wood pellets itself in several minutes. The system is also equipped with safety measures that ceases operation in case of a malfunction which leads to the outer pipe temperature exceeding 70C.

The nozzle and hull of the burner structure is made up off acid resistant, high temperature endurant stainless steel employing a patented self cleaning system located inside the burner which prevents ash and sticky materials from blocking air flow throughout the burner effectively.

The Modular structure of burner offers easy maintenance so that, Patented open structure of the burner allows it to be accessed without the need of removal of burner completely from the system. Even the combustion chamber can be accessed during operation. This allows servicemen an easy and quick maintanance without dirtying the boiler room.

Flexible installation

The compact structure of Caria series systems features vertical boiler tubes and a smoke vent at the top, making it extremely flexible and makes it particularly suitable for installation in virtually all existing boiler rooms.

The boiler can be placed right up against a wall or in a corner, without problems. All functions can be easily controlled via the digital display through an easy and intuitive software interface.

Wood pellet containers in matching designs and sizes are available as an option and can be positioned either to the right or left of the boiler making boiler placement even further flexible.

The Caria pellet boilers also employs an optional vacuum system to automatically draw wood pellets from an external storage room. This makes it possible to store extra wood pellets in a garage or a dedicated storage room.

Benefits of a complete Caria Pellet system:

  • Automatic ignition,
  • Automatic adjustment of pellet dosage,
  • Automatic cleaning of boiler tubes,
  • Automatic cleaning of burner/combustion chamber,
  • User friendly control system with digital display,
  • Microprocessor controlled combustion for optimum performance,
  • Electronic component coordination,
  • Electronic air supply regulation,
  • Strong feeder system made of durable Stainless Steel
  • Service-friendly access for technician
This product and technical solutions provided are being protected by international PATENTS, please contact us for the Patent numbers.

Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

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