S-Dragon Series

Hot Air Venting Platforms

Designed specifically for Green Houses.

New generation Ecm series pellet boilers have new Greenhouse platform which enables them to be transported via Forklift to where it is needed. They are perfectly able to start working as soon as they are unmounted.

Special Jet fans allow pushing air up to 25m and with a dedicated air ducts this range is effectively doubled.   This water and location independent platform could easily be remotely operated via s smart phone by an optional internet module.

About Product

Features :

  • High Capacity Fan: S-Dragon series platforms could push the hot air 25 meters via dedicated Jet fans.
  • Closed expansion tanks: Dragon series platforms feature 2x24 Lt expansion tank and eliminates the need for connection to an external expansion tank.
  • Perfect Stabilization: Ancillaries are all assembled with high precision in factory and packed for transportation. There is no need for any work required at the point of end user.
  • Solid Construciton: Dragon platforms are built to work for years. All materials are high quality and built for endurance
  • Air Duct: S-Dragons could effectively transport hot air to 50 meters with specific heat resistant ducts. Vents throughout the duct provide steady flow of air flow.
  • Deflector Duct: High capacity fan requires high strength air duct. A deflector shaped duct ensures seamless operation as well increasing the life time of the product.
  • Integrated Plumbing: All plumbing is pre-assembled at the factory   and ready to work out of the box.
  • Calorimeter: An optional calorimeter shows how much heat is produced during operation.

Technical Specifications

Product Brochure

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