Alternative Systems

Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating systems convert energy radiated by the sun into heat, which is then used to head water.

The Benefits
Can help reduce fuel bills by providing almost all a household’s hot water during the summer months, and around 50-70% across the whole year.

Can substantially reduce the carbon dioxide emmissions produced in the home, helping you protecet the environment.

How does it work?
Solar water heating systems for homes are made up of:

  • Solar panels: these are fitted to the roof and convert heat from the sun into hot water.
  • A hot water cylinder: to store the hot water collected during the day and keep it for later use.
  • A plumbing system: made up of piping and in most cases a pump to move the fluid (a mixture of water and anti-freeze) around the system.

Types of system
There are two types of solar panels that are most suitable common througout the Europe:

  • Flat plate panels.
  • Evacuated tube panels, which take up less room and are more efficient, but are more expensive than flat plate systems.

A qualified heating installer will be able to help you chose the best system for your needs.

Is my property suitable for solar water heating?
Preferably you will need:

  • 2-5 m2 of South-east to South-west facing roof space with very little shading during the main part of the day.
  • Space to locate an extra water cylinder if required, or replace the current cylinder with a larger twin coil cylinder.
  • Space for appropriate pumps and system controls.

What if I live in a very cold part of my country?
You can stil have a solar water heating system fitted.

Who can fit a solar heating system?
A qualified heating installer will need to fit your system. Consult your dealer for he can suggest reliable installers.

Can solar work with my current watersystem?
All solar water heating systems can work with conventional or storage hot water systems. Solar panels have been available in Europe since the 1970’s, so the technology is well developed with a large choice to suit many systems and households.

Once again, a qualified heating installer will be able to advise you further.